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Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is specially designed to keep track of visitors coming and going out of the premises. With this system you will be able to expedite the visitor registration process, determine who is still inside your facility and notify the system users once any banned visitor intends to sign in or sign out.

This system utilizes the latest technology which enhances the security in the facility. Employees and visitors will feel more secure and protected and it will create a great first impression on the corporate image.

  • Detects, identifies and captures visitor from remote
  • Updates visitor statistics
  • Meets and schedules appointments over website
  • Visitor kiosk creates photo affixed visitor cards
  • Stores the secrets of embedded facial features of visitor
  • Identifies visitor and lists out previous visit details
  • Restricts visitor engagements as and only scheduled by the host.
  • Ensures and records access to hosts only on prior appointment


Visitors Register facility:

The Visitor Register Facility offers a comfortable way for entering visitors and hosts details, purpose of visit etc. Details of appointments and previous visits of a visitor can be retrieved automatically. To create an air of courteousness, the visitor is welcomed by the system by calling his/her name, after identifying from the facial features recorded during previous visits. Details of the present visit also are fed into the system.


The System Shall

  • See the status of appointments before accepting the registration.
  • Provide facility to schedule or re-schedule appointments
  • Record facial features of the first time visitor or retrieve the facial ID and record details of present visit.
  • Facility to deny appointment for black listed visitors



  • Easily records visitor details and track their log data.
  • With automatic detection function, system can retrieve a specific date or time of each visit.
  • Visitor's data contains visitor name, company name, reason for visit, visiting dept.etc.
  • Access area and time can be controlled by access group


Various reports given by the system include:

  • Visitor Statistics
  • Entertained Visitor statistics
  • Visitor frequency report
  • Department wise visitor report
  • Daily visitor report


Appointment Management

Vistrack provides innovative solution for Appointment Management. Web based appointment is an interesting option .Visitor can log in to the website of the organization by adding his/her photograph for obtaining the appointments. The officials in the organization can schedule the appointments recognizing the online visitor by the photograph. The system in turn recognizes the visitor when he reaches the organization.


Employee / Staff Recognition

The system's intelligence recognizes the employee and staff of the organization and does not activate the routine for visitor, when an employee of the organization approaches the visitor kiosk.