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Smart sensors are part of the Innovative eHomes surveillance system.

With eHOMES wireless automation solutions you get the best of both worlds – comfort and convenience. Warm lighting conveys homely feeling to the guests while the innovative controls make that crucial big impression on the guest.

Negawatt power is a theoretical unit of power representing an amount of energy (measured in watts) saved. The energy saved is a direct result of energy conservation or increased efficiency.

eHOMES AV System

Multi-room AV Controls
Every member in the family has a different taste for entertainment with individual choice of music, FM stations, TV Channels, movie genres or home videos. One way is to have personalized systems for every individual but the other more interesting way is to have a unified AV system from eHOMES.

Imagine all the media sources stored in a single system and the media file or TV channel selected to play in individual rooms using mobile phone or the tablet device

With eHOMES GENIE AV option, built on a media server with customized media center software, you take control of your entertainment needs to become a home jockey.

  • Playthe morning raga in your parents room at the break of dawn or the local FM station in your brother's room
  • Choose the latest hits from Justin Bieber and Rihanna to wake up your kid sister
  • Program the kitchen TV to your favorite recipe channel to get tips for a healthy breakfast
  • Make an impression on your dad by programming the Business Channel on his TV as he gets ready for the day
  • Set the living room TV to the daily soap channel for your mom as she is ready to take her post lunch nap
  • Offcourse, all this can be controlled from your mobile or the touchpad at home

You can do a lot more with your ingenuity and creative choices…