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Convert your existing homes into smart digital Ehomes without any changing your cables or switches

A fully integrated control and communication interface for your homes.

Negawatt power is a theoretical unit of power representing an amount of energy (measured in watts) saved. The energy saved is a direct result of energy conservation or increased efficiency.

eHOMES Controller

With its Home to eHOMES in 24 hours concept, your existing homes can be converted into smart digital eHomes without any change in the existing cabling or switches. All this in less than 2 working days flat.

In an under construction apartment or an independent house, we recommend the use of our smart switches with built in Smart Metering function. This feature monitors the electricity consumption within your premises, sends it to the Innovative eHomes Server and provides analytical reports in daily basis.

eHomes systems allows you to continually expand and change any lighting or electrical appliances within your home network. The eHomes wireless modules and expansion sockets provide a simple retrofit solution to expand existing systems. There is no limit to the number or types of devices; the system can grow as needed to accommodate any last minute changes or new additions.

Innovative eHOMES GENIE makes it easy for virtually any appliance or device in your home to intelligently communicate with another—from locks to lights, doors to drapes—and you the ability to control them, no matter where you are.

eHOMES gives you flexible solutions to design the home automation system of your dreams on a very economical budget.

Life's better when you are in complete control. Your home with a brain.

Possibilities with eHOMES

Smart Lighting & Dimming Controls

The basic premise behind the innovative eHOMES System is the possibility to Retro-fit it in any house, apartment or office building, without damaging the infrastructure.

We offer you full control over your house, without the need to damage walls, modify switching stations or exchange switch-keys.

eHOMES fits into your requirements and budget rather than you making an effort to stretch yourselves to have your home automated.

eHOMES offers a wide range of lighting and dimming controls using top of the line glass switches (to be hyperlinked to the glass switches page in PRODUCTS\HOME AUTOMATION\SWITCHES\X-SERIES) or the Innovative touch switches (to be hyperlinked to the glass switches page in PRODUCTS\HOME AUTOMATION\SWITCHES\Y-SERIES) or the intuitive jog dimmers (to be hyperlinked to the glass switches page in PRODUCTS\HOME AUTOMATION\SWITCHES\Y-SERIES).

Taking advantage of the non-invasive installation process, you can get the existing switches and sockets in your home converted to have automated controls in less than 5 minutes per circuit. Innovative eHOMES intelligent modules do the trick.

Now sit back and watch the magic unfold!!

  • The living room lights up as soon as you are home – a smart welcome
  • The passage lights come up as you walk into the shower to freshen up
  • Coffee maker brews fresh coffee as you are ready to unwind
  • Living room litsupto a maximum level of 80% - your eyes won't notice the difference but your utility bill will!
  • Curtains close, lights dim, AC is set to soothing mode, as you turn on the TV
  • Microwave cooks up yummy pasta as the dining table is lit up for supper
  • The bedroom AC is ready as you prepare to retire for the day
  • Its "Bed time"and the lights go completely off as the passage lights dim to 10%
  • Bathroom lights get illuminated as you walk-in half asleep
  • Curtains pull up, Coffee maker is ready, all lights off and you know its "Good Morning"

Multi-room AV Controls

Every member in the family has a different taste for entertainment with individual choice of music, FM stations, TV Channels, movie genres or home videos. One way is to have personalized systems for every individual but the other more interesting way is to have a unified AV system from eHOMES.

Imagine all the media sources stored in a single system and the media file or TV channel selected to play in individual rooms using mobile phone or the tablet device

With eHOMES GENIE AV option, built on a media server with customized media center software, you take control of your entertainment needs to become a home jockey.

  • Playthe morning raga in your parents room at the break of dawn or the local FM station in your brother's room
  • Choose the latest hits from Justin Bieber and Rihanna to wake up your kid sister
  • Program the kitchen TV to your favorite recipe channel to get tips for a healthy breakfast
  • Make an impression on your dad by programming the Business Channel on his TV as he gets ready for the day
  • Set the living room TV to the daily soap channel for your mom as she is ready to take her post lunch nap
  • Offcourse, all this can be controlled from your mobile or the touchpad at home

You can do a lot more with your ingenuity and creative choices…

Security Sensors

eHOMES is not just about simple lighting controls for it gives you complete peace of mind with its advanced security framework. Responsive sensors around the house ensure that you sleep well and conduct your business without any worries.

Each sensor within your premise is smartly designed to activate a multi-level response system involving other elements within your home.

A smart Intrusion Detector keeps a watch on your home at all times. When in armed state, it constantly talks to other sensors and security elements to ensure your well being at all times.

The wireless GAS LEAK sensor constantly sniffs for any leakage from your cooking systems when activated. It can be programmed to intelligently cut off the gas valve when no one is at home or when you are on a long vacation.

The ubiquitous SMOKE DETECTOR ensures that you are alerted in an unlikely event of fire breakout or even a whiff of something burning. If you are out of home, the alerts are sent to you via SMS. Email or IM Chat. While at home, the detector activates a loud siren to alert you and your neighbours.

The Door/Window Sensors keep a tab on all openable access areas in your home. Automatically activated when you are sleeping or out of home, these sensors ensure all the home systems are in the loop in case of a break-in.

Remote Surveillance

eHOMES gives you greater control over normal security of your home using the wireless IP cameras to keep a watch externally. eHOMES cam achieve greater level of security in your home than a standard burglar alarm.

The remote surveillance feature can be combined with the smart door lock to enable you the comfort of an intelligent Video Door Phone which can be opened or shut remotely using a mobile or a touchpad.

The camera with 2-way communication ensures that you can speak to the person outside the door using your smartphone from anywhere. Moreover you can also save all the images captured by the cam onto remote servers for future references.

Comfort and Convenience at your finger tips

Imagine a lazy Sunday morning and a knock on the door, from the bedside mobile you check who's at the door. It's your maid. You open the door to her from your mobile

It's movie time and you are on the couch and the doorbell rings. You flip the channel to see who's at the door. Imagine a video doorphone with a 42" screen

Your kid has just arrived from school and there is no one at home to open the door. You get a ping on the IM while at work, you talk to your kid and open the door for him using your mobile Driving in from a late night movie, you realize that you have forgotten the home keys. And your mobile comes handy to open the lock and let you in

Energy Saving Solutions

Automated lighting systems from eHOMES not only beautify your home by dimming the lights selectively but also keep a tab on the consumption. Alerts can be programmed to inform you of the number of units consumed by the appliances connected to your eHOMES network.

With eHOMES SMART METERING system,homeowners are empowered to reduce their energy usage during peak demand periods, which saves them money and contributing in conserving the environment.

Each of the eHOMESY-range switches (hyperlink to the product page) have a built-in smart metering sensor to measure the load connected. This data is sent to the eHOMES server and analyzed using sophisticated algorithms. The homeowner gets complete breakdown of the consumption – daily, weekly, appliance wise, etc.

"The cheapest electricity is one that is not produced"

eHOMES helps you increase the Negawatts – energy that is saved by automatically switching ON all lights at 80% of their intensity. While this does not make an impact to your eye, it surely does impact your electricity bill.

Check out the eHOMES Energy Saving Calculator

Average annual savings on regular halogen bulbs
Dimming Electricity Savings Average life of Bulbs Annual Savings+
10% 10% 3 years 200
25% 22% 5 years 450
50% 35% 8-10 years 600

+Savings based on replacing a switch with aeHomes dimmer module of 600W. Actual savings may vary depending on use and application. Typical residential savings are estimated to be 400 per year. Stated savings of 600 based on dimming six 60 W incandescent reflector lamps (rated at 1500 hours each or (6) 3000 hour halogen bulbs) for 5 hours per day with electricity cost of 5.5/kWh (Unit).