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Responsive sensors around the house ensure that you sleep well and conduct your business without any worries.

eHOMES is not just about simple lighting controls for it gives you complete peace of mind with its advanced security framework

eHOMES Server



Technical Specifications:

eHOMES Server

  • IP / WIFI / RF / IR
  • Internet Enabled, 802.11b/g, WPA & WPA2 Compatible
  • Sub GHz frequency range for long range RF
  • 8 IR emitters for 300deg coverage for IR device control
  • Built-in Sensors
  • Upto 255 ports for external devices
  • Expansion sockets
  • Highest Security encryption
  • XDC (eXtensibleDeivice Control) Protocol
  • Unlimited Scenes Controls
  • OTA firmware upgrade support

The magic controller for Lighting Controls, AV, Curtains, Security, Surveillance, Energy Management

eHOMES Server provides a smart wirefree home automation solution, including WIFI, advanced IT capabilities and global home automation standards