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Responsive sensors around the house ensure that you sleep well and conduct your business without any worries.

eHOMES is not just about simple lighting controls for it gives you complete peace of mind with its advanced security framework

Wireless Door Locks



Technical Specifications:

Wireless Door Locks

This innovative wireless door lock provides the best in class features of security and comfort. Made using high grade milled aluminum, it can be operated with a conventional key, a numeric pad as well using a smartphone, touch pad and over the internet.

The Innovative Wireless Door Lock can be fitted on any existing door and even accepts the existing lock mechanism (levers). Easy to fit and operate, this lock can be combined with the Innovative eHOMES CAM to offer a unique Wireless Video Door Phone.

Your security is no longer restricted to a normal key operation. This door lock secures unique codes (a 4-digit passcode) which can be changed at will by the homeowner. Even in the absence of the home key, the door can be opened remotely using the eHOMES GENIE powered smartphone or touchpad.