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Responsive sensors around the house ensure that you sleep well and conduct your business without any worries.

eHOMES is not just about simple lighting controls for it gives you complete peace of mind with its advanced security framework




Technical Specifications:


Dimmers not only help to accentuate a home's natural beauty with custom ambient lighting, they can also save money. INN-Y110D dimmers make it possible for users to extend the life of light bulbs, reduce the number of replacement bulbs needed, cut down on replacement installations in hard to reach places

  • Power Source: 230V
  • Operation: On/Off / thermometer
  • Installation Type: Wall-mounted
  • Device Type: Router class
  • Encryption: Symmetric key with AES128
  • Wireless Range: Up to 30m indoor
  • Load types and rating: 600W Fans / Halogen / Curtains