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AC Thermostats



Technical Specifications:

AC Thermostats

  • Supply: System Powered
  • Target Temperature Range: 12°C to 32°C
  • Display: Blue Backlit LCD Display
  • Color: White
    Network Specifications:
  • Minimum Range: Indoor 50ft
  • Frequency: 800~900 MHz
  • Mesh Network: Each line powered node acts as a repeater to route distant signals
  • Size: 232 RF Nodes

The Innovative Wireless thermostat – INN-WD-1 is an easy to install AC temperature controlling device that fits in with almost all the standard AC brands available in the market.

It offers extensive energy management solutions for your eHOME. Operating in tandem with the Innovative eHOMES Server, this thermostat allows you to create "Home", "Away" and "ECO" modes.

The AC temperature can be set from aeHOMES GENIE powered smartphone or a touch pad or any internet enabled device.