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Responsive sensors around the house ensure that you sleep well and conduct your business without any worries.

eHOMES is not just about simple lighting controls for it gives you complete peace of mind with its advanced security framework

Insta Sockets



Technical Specifications:

Insta Sockets

The eHOMESInsta Socket offers every eHOMES user unparalleled flexibility to add any number of electrical appliances, lights, devices, by simply plugging in the Insta Socket into the electrical point and then inserting the device plug into the Insta Socket. As simple as that and the new device is now a part of your eHOMES network.

Whether it be for ON/OFF control or even Dimming, with the remote or smartphone or the touchpad. Infact more the number of sockets added in the network, the more robust and responsive, it becomes.

  • Operating Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Maximum Load: 2200W
  • Protocol: Learning
  • Work Range: Minimum 30m
  • Frequency Range: 800~900MHz